Gidday from down-under!

It is that time of the year again for some of Pacific Whale Foundation Research staff to head south for a few months to gather data on the humpback whales that migrate along the east coast of Australia.

This whale season, the team will be collecting data from different tour boats, the owners of which were kind enough to let us join them on their whalewatches. Scientists refer to these boats as platforms of opportunity (POPs), because the researchers have no influence as to where the boat is going or how long an encounter will last (those decisions are made by the tour boat captain).


Brisbane to Hervey Bay, Queensland

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The Plastic Problem

Plastics are everywhere – from cell phones to soda bottles, to trash on the beach and in our oceans. Yet while our lives are dominated by plastic, plastics and their environmental impacts are still largely misunderstood by many people.

Plastics are created when individual carbon molecules are chemically bonded together. These carbon molecules are typically extracted from oil, a non-renewable resource, but some plastics use carbon derived from natural materials like corn oil. Individual carbon molecules are combined to create compounds like styrene, ethylene and formaldehyde. 

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