Ocean Spirit sets off for longest journey leg to Hawaii

After spending Thanksgiving in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, Ocean Spirit & crew prepare for their longest stretch of open water to Honolulu, were the vessel will go finishing touches before joining the rest of Pacific Whale Foundation’s fleet in Maui. Crew member Sierra DeRose writes the following about her experience.

“Coolest thing I’ve ever seen in my life happened about 5 days ago….Jake woke me up at like 2am to show me dolphins that were darting around the boat like torpedoes lit up in the bio-luminescence! pretty freaking awesome!

In the last 9 days we’ve seen hundreds of dolphins,manta rays, sharks,grey whale,turtles, birds, propped 3 long lines of marine debris, and today as we were coming into Cabo we saw a breaching juvenile humpback! Great way to end that leg.  We will be here in Cabo for a few days getting ready for the big two week trip over to Hawaii.

(11/29/14).  All ok, we  will be departing Cabo today, Hawaii bound! Hopefully in about two weeks,  Pray for wind because there isn’t any in the forecast, aloha!”



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