While the individuals who comprise the term “ocean activists” all work towards a common goal, the reality is, “ocean activists” come in a variety of shapes and forms, and all are armed with unique talents.

Some, for example, may use their gift of oratory to lobby on Capitol Hill or inspire others to take action at the public level.  Others address issues such as coastal erosion by restoring native dune systems and watersheds.  And still others weld the talent of a camera.

Peter Jay Brown, ocean activist, posing with the Sea Shepherd ship.
Peter Jay Brown, ocean activist, posing with the Sea Shepherd ship.

Enter Peter Jay Brown, a vivacious and outspoken ocean activist who has spent his adult life exposing environmental injustices throughout the world.  A professional cinematographer by trade, Peter Jay Brown launched his environmental career as a young boy on Cape Cod, protesting the creation of a deep water harbor.

While, with the help of President Kennedy, the harbor plan was diverted, the experience ignited a passion within Brown that would shape the rest of his life.

Pacific Whale Foundation was fortunate enough to host Brown during our recent Making Waves lectures series, held on September 10, 2014 at Pacific Whale Foundation’s Ocean Discovery Center.

Throughout the lecture, Brown entertained the audience with tales of his worldly exploits, leading us on adventures from Iceland to Japan, to South America and back.  Most recognized publicly for his stint on the critically acclaimed TV-reality series “Whale Wars”, Brown now largely works independently, partnering where he can to use his cinematography talents to raise awareness about a myriad of ocean issues.

Peter Jay Brown address Pacific Whale Foundation audience at recent lecture series
Peter Jay Brown address Pacific Whale Foundation audience at recent lecture series

Beyond the entertainment value, though, Brown spoke with true passion and sincerity about the realities of being involved with the environmental movement.  “Saving the world”, so to speaks, is a game of high stakes, little glory and a lot of emotions.  Furthermore, even the most simplistic of issues are rife with complexities, politics and people who are always looking to make a buck.

Brown nevertheless encouraged the audience, young and old, to become a part of the “Eco-Revolution”.  Making a difference, he said, rests on our individual ability to take immediate action.

There are hundreds of ways we, as the public, can get involved in what Pacific Whale Foundation likes to call “being part of the solution” – taking specific actions towards solving ocean issues.  Brown is that individual, though, that reminds us there is no better time than the present to make a difference.

Did you miss the Making Waves lecture? Watch a short clip here!

Want to start making a difference?  Visit Pacific Whale Foundation’s Conservation Page to learn more about the issues that are impacting our oceans and marine life!


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Pacific Whale Foundation is a global not-for-profit organization with its headquarters in Maui, HI. Our mission is to protect whales and the oceans through science and conservation.

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