Since 1980, Pacific Whale Foundation has pioneered educational wildlife watching and eco-tourism in Hawaii through award-winning ocean eco-adventures. More than 3.5 million people from around the world have learned about ocean wildlife and marine conservation through our sustainable ecotourism practices. Our fleet of nine boats embark on a variety of ocean adventures including: whalewatch cruises, snorkel cruises, sunset dinners, and dolphin watches . Our crew is staffed by professional Certified Marine Naturalists with NAI (National Association for Interpretation) Certification.

Pacific Whale Foundation (PWF) has approximately 150 employees, including researchers, marine educators and conservation advocates. Our conservation team is responsible for advocating conservation-minded choices in the community and among those who join us on our ocean ecotours.

Our education efforts include programs for Maui schoolchildren pre-school through high school, as well as for children in coastal villages of Ecuador. Our Maui-based education programs take place in our Discovery Center classrooms, at sea and on shoreline field trips.

We value inquiry-based learning, and work to cultivate a lifelong appreciation for science and conservation. We also provide professional development training for marine naturalists, free talks, slideshows and other educational programs for the public.

Our vision is to be the people’s environmental organization for research, advocacy, and protection of the world’s whales, dolphins and their ocean habitat. We believe that it is essential to involve the public in this mission.

We encourage you to connect and interact with us, to share your thoughts and ideas, and to become a part of our community of people who care about our planet’s oceans.

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